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"Light" is a symbol of Dionysian values
advocated by Friedrich Nietzsche but "denied" by our civilization.
Can we immerse ourselves in this light and remain sane?

The story documents a personal journey
in which we follow three philosophers;

Alan Rosenberg, a Holocaust scholar
and a practitioner of Nietzschean self-mastery,

Werner Krieglstein, a theoretician of the "now-moment,"
who undergoes a Nietzsche induced crisis,
and Victor Krebs, who stresses the relevance of the Dionysian energy.

Nietzsche's ethics and their historical consequences
are critiqued by Karl-Otto Apel, a "living classic" of German philosophy.

Complementing the documentary journey
is a fictitious professor of philosophy, Felix Lewinsky (played by Krzysztof Janczar),
who descends into madness while in the process of studying Nietzsche.

Original music by
Vlad Kuryluk

With compositions by
Friedrich Nietzsche and Richard Wagner.

The film combines fictitious narrative from
"Sister of Dionysus"
with documentary material
shot in Greece, Finland, Poland and Switzerland.

produced by
Paweł Kuczyński
writer, director, editor
Piotr Rejmer
director of photography narrative part
additional and on-line editor
Light Denied Stopka